Stavros and Katerina are from Limassol, Cyprus. Stavros is 27 years old and Katerina 25. Stavros used to be the owner of a car dealership company and Katerina a private employee at a Shipping Company. Katerina was the one that initially saw the idea from one of her colleagues and immediately wanted to join as a member. Both of them loved travelling around the world. She went home and told what she saw to Stavros, but he was negative. He didn’t want to listen to her colleague at all. Fortunately Katerina wasn’t affected from the reaction of Stavros and she decided to start alone. One week after, she already got the first bonus of GET 6, and earned $570.

When Stavros realized that he had nothing to lose but only to win, he decided to follow Katerina in this idea. Together they managed in 21 months to reach the rank of International Marketing Directors, the highest rank of the company and break the European record in becoming an IMD. Now they have a paid villa from the company and two cars. In addition, they also gained freedom of time, they can travel wherever they want whenever they want. Needless to say that they also gained their financial independence.


Dinca Razvan and Geta Voinea started in the company in April 2014 and in October 2013 accordingly. Before the company Dinca owned a gym and a construction company and Geta a chain of hair salons that wears her name. They started in Worldventures because they wanted to see all the world and have the lifestyle that everybody dreams. They saw the opportunity from the beginning. It was a very good decision for them, because they truly started to concentrate on their good points and share them with their friends. In the beginning they liked to travel but they never expected that in the work of few months they could accomplish more than they ever dreamed of. Now they are in the company because they found a vocation here.

They realized what kind of influence they can make in people’s lives and they want to dedicate their life helping people all around the world. Plus by doing that they will accomplish all their dreams. Dinca’s long term goal is to be one of the biggest trainers all around the world, to make Romania no 1 in Europe and to promote the tourism here, to have one of the biggest teams in the world and to help as many people as he can to accomplish their dreams, to be one of the most successful 30 year old multi-millionaire entrepreneur in Romania and to live his life to the fullest and travelling all around the world. Geta’s long term goal is to motivate people and give them the vision and the power to fly and dream with passion.


He watched the presentation 17 times in 3 years, but in September 2011 he decided to start working Worldventures part time. He had no income until January 2012 even though he devoted a lot of his free time to this business. That was the moment he took the decision to go to a training event. One month later he hit the first rank of Senior Rep and one and a half month later, April 2012, the rank of Director and he was recognized in Las Vegas. 2 Months later he hit the rank of Marketing Director. After the “JOURNEY”, a personal development training of WV, in the summer of 2012 he decided to continue fulltime WV and quit from the company he was working for as a Graphic Designer.

In November 2013 he was recognized in Florence as a Regional Marketing Director. In September of 2014 he hit the National Marketing Director Rank and he got the honour to be knighted by Marc Accetta as one of the few international Knighted trainers. His vision and goal is to help our company to be the no1 company in MLM and give to people the opportunity to have more fun freedom and fulfillment in their lives. On July 2016 he hit the rank of IMD, now December 2016 he has network more than 35k people in 4 continents! The last 5 years with WV he gained his financial and most important his time freedom and he was able to travel more than 150 times around the world!


I enrolled on the 24th of February 2014. In my first day i got my 4 personals and for the next 3 months I didn’t do anything because I wanted to see what company was promising and offering. At my first company’s event I realised that Worldventures is promising less and offering more, for the past 8 years. That was the moment when I realised that I am at the right place, at the right moment, but I was missing one more ingredient. When I heards Mister Marc Accetta saying ” ALL IN BABY”, I took the decision on the spot to become IMD. Thank you Mister Wayne Nudget for your vision and Mister Marc Accetta for putting into reality through your training system this vision.

When I was 20 years old, I was working as a dish washer in Cyprus at Rodon Hotel Agros Village. At 21 chef’s assistant during the day and during the night I was working at the front desk. But my dream was to travel, see the world, but also to make money- with my 24 hours job was impossible to follow my dreams. After 2 years I left with 600$ in my pocket. Over the years I had several businesses from transportation to factories.
It took me 20 years to realise that I am having only one life- START LIVING TODAY!